WERA Roebling Road 2015 The Adventure

On a foggy cold morning in March the Assfault Junkies assembled for a yearly trip down to the warmth of the south for WERA at Roebling Road in Georgia. We had not yet escaped the grip of winter, but we knew the end of winter was creeping up ever so slowly.


The journey was met with some interesting experiences. Crazy fog in the mountains, leaving our change for gas at a Pilot station, some offroadtruckingsweet off road trucking and of course the usual good laughs and good company.

Pulling a trailer sucks because it means in order to get to Savannah we have to take a little detour through Atlanta, instead of taking the back mountain roads, which as you all probably know is the worst place to drive through EVER. After around 11 hours of travel we finally made it to our home for the weekend. Roebling Road Raceway!

After we pitched camp a storm seemed to be rolling our way as the wind picked up. It would have honestly felt great out if the winds were calm, but all it did was bring us a reminder that spring was still not here yet.


Upon waking in the morning we were greeted by more of our AFJ friends who journeyed through the night as well as other friends we see from time to time at track weekends. Sadly the storm that was brewing the night before had arrived and the radar did not look promising for the day. It rained throughout practice but died down a little at the end of the day. The ground was still soggy and our hope for a dry Saturday was strong.


Being so close to the ocean we decided to grab some grub at a local seafood restaurant called Shell House. If you are ever in the area I highly suggest you check this place out. The food is great and they have holes in the table that you throw your shells in when you’re done. Such an awesome idea. With our stomachs full we made our way back to camp and chilled out until our first race day.


As the sun rose the next day we were all hoping for a dry race day. We got spit on here and there, but for the most part we lucked out. Throughout the day Junkies were coming in and out of the pits for their respective races. We had many do well.


Near the latter half of the race day I caught sight of a red flag before a race started. I waited for the race to finally resume, but it did not. As I waited I hoped it was not a Junkie and regardless of who it was I hoped that they were ok. My heart sank when I saw the ambulance on the move. I began my walk back to camp counting the bikes in the distance. It looked like all were accounted for as I let out a sigh of relief. All was too soon as I approached I could tell something was wrong. I learned that our new friend Jeff had been involved in an accident. Someone had cut over onto him during the warmup lap causing him to crash. The bike looked pretty messed up, but we were assured that he would be ok.


We finished the day with Jeff on our minds and a group of Junkies went to visit him and bring him back from the hospital. I give Jeff mad props because even with not being able to ride he made the rest of his weekend an awesome one. He seemed to really enjoy himself as he was surrounded by good friends and awesome motorcycle racing.


The final day went off without a hitch. It was the best day we had all weekend in terms of weather. Super clear skies, warm temps and a little breeze here and there. The racing was fierce and we got to see our friend Tuna scrap with some big bikes on his little 650. It was a hell of a race to watch. I couldn’t think of a single race that wasn’t a fun watch!


Sadly when the day was done we had to pack it up and head home on the long drive back to Cincinnati. Like every race weekend I was happy to spend it with my AFJ family and I was so grateful for meeting new friends as well. Until next time!